Why with us?

Because our motto is Adventures at the edge of the world.

Our advantages:


Our guides have visited each interesting place on Kamchatka and have seen everything with their own eyes. We can show and tell you that, what you will never find on the pages of the bright magazines our in an article from Internet.


Taking care of each client is the key to success and good impressions.


We do not lose heart when problems occur on the way. We solve them with a smile.


We try to make everything as we would do for ourselves.


We accompany you from the moment of the first call to our company until returning home after the journey.


We think about every detail of the tour: equipment, hotel, transport, campsites, shops, cafes and tents. We do everything to make you comfortable.


For foreign tourists we provide visa support and prepare all permits for simple visiting of the territories of Nature parks and protected areas on Kamchatka.

You have a dream to visit Kamchatka?
Schneider Kamchatka fulfills your dream!

Today we are ready to offer you six interesting tours.

All tours are unique and interesting. Every little detail is taken into account. For more information about the programs, prices and conditions, you can read in the section “TOURS”.


We are also ready to discuss individual tour projects.

If you want to build your own tour, send us a message with your wishes, call us or contact us in WhatsApp.