The Land of Wonders

Departure Date

20 Jun - 01 Sep


13 days




1.Arrival, Transfer to Hotel, Dinner with GuideHotelArrival to Elizovo airport. Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (20 km.)
2.Moving to the Mutnosky Plateau (~ 6 Hr), Camp behind the Vilytchinsky volcanoCampingMoving with the terrain truck to the southern volcanic group.
3.Moving to Mutnovsky volcano (2322 m.), ascending, walking in the crater, watching active funnels, fumaroles, ascending to the second crater. After visiting the Waterfalls Opasny in the canyon near the volcano, return to the camp.CampingAscending, excursion into the heart of the volcano, descending (~6-7 Hr)
4.Moving to Gorely volcano (1829 m.), ascending, watching the fumarole activity and the sea in the crater. After visiting the ice cave behind the volcano.CampingAscending, excursion into the heart of the volcano, descending (~5-6 Hr)

Ice cave (~ 2 Hr)
5.Moving to the Malki village (200 km. ~8 Hr).
Bathing in the hot springs in Malki.
CampingAt the recreation center there are more than a dozen hot springs of different temperatures, in which you can swim. Equipped with locker rooms and recreational facilities.
6.Moving to the base camp under Tolbachik volcanos (Ostryi Tolbachik (The Sharp Tolbachik) – 3682 m., Plosky Tolbachik (The Flat Tolbachik) – 3140 m.) (500 km. ~10 Hr). Camp in the Dead Forest near the cones of the Big Fissure Tolbachik Eruption of 1975.
Launch in settlement Milkovo.
CampingDead Forest - a forest that suffered from the fall of ash and volcanic slag during a massive eruption in 1975.
7.Ascending on the youngest volcanic cone of 2013. Visiting the main and the side craters, lava field and lava caves in it.CampingThe youngest volcanic formation on the Kamchatka Peninsula. The eruption with lava outflows lasted from 27.10.2012 to 28.08.2013
8.Ascending on the cones of the Nothern Outburst, watching the remaining activity. Walking in the Dead Forest, visiting Zvezda (the Star) crater.CampingBig Fissure Tolbachik Eruption (BFTE) 09.07.1975 – 10.12.1976
9.Moving to Kozyrevsk village (90 km. ~6 Hr). Excursion into the village, visiting Kamchatka river (the biggest river on peninsula). Shower, banya (sauna).CabinKozyrevsk - village on the bank of the Kamchatka River, founded in the 18th century.
10.Moving to Esso village (110 km. ~2,5 Hr), ethnographic museum of Esso. Rafting on Bystraya river. Cultural program with dancing of aborigens tonight.CabinThe mountain village of Esso is located in the heart of the peninsula. For its beautiful landscapes and the abundance of sunny days a year, it bears the name "Kamchatka Switzerland".
11.Moving to Petropavlovsk (530 km. ~12 Hr).
Launch in settlement Milkovo.
HotelLong driving to Petropavlovsk with stops in Milkovo and Sokoch.
12.Optional day:
1. Boat trip to Starichkov Island.
2. Helicopter to the Valley of Geysers.
3. Helicopter to the Curil Lake.
4. Excursion in the city of Petropavlovsk with local history museum or Vulkanarium.
HotelBoat trip to Starichkov Island. with sea fishing (~ 6 Hr). Huge colonies of seabirds, Three Brothers cliffs, sea lions rookery.

Helicopter excursions (~ 6 Hr).
13.Transfer to airport, visiting souvenir shops and fish market.


The tour price


  • Transport

  • Accommodation

  • Guide, Interpreter, Second Guide

  • Cook on active part of a route

  • Equipment

The tour price

does not include:

  • Flight to Kamchatka

  • Optional Helicopter Excursions

  • Boat trip

  • Food in cafes

  • Extra excursions

  • Purchases in the shops



  • Rucksack

  • Sleeping bag

  • Isomate (Carpet)

  • Set of extra warm clothes

  • Warm hat

  • Rain coat

  • Fleece pullover

  • Windproof jacket

  • Headgear (cap, hat)

  • Gloves

  • Hiking boots

  • Extra shoes (sneakers)

  • Tourist gaiters

  • Personal hygiene items, swimwear

  • Towel

  • Sunglasses

  • Sun cream

  • Insect repellents

  • Personal first aid kit

  • Wander sticks

  • Headlamp / lantern

  • Camera

Changing the order of the tour

is possible

Weather conditions on peninsula

do not depend on Schneider Kamchatka LLC


Price in the group in USD

for 1 (one) person

  • Group of 6 (six) people – 2300 USD for 1 person.

  • Group of 8 (eight) people – 1930 USD for 1 person.

  • Group of 10 (ten) people – 1700 USD for 1 person.

Price for the boat trip to Starichkov Island

with sea fishing is 88 USD per person

Prices for helicopter excursions in the 2020 season:

  • Valley of Geysers - 660 USD per person;

  • Kuril Lake - 660 USD per person.

All helicopter excursions take place only under favorable weather conditions and are paid separately.


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